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Location/Area Coverage (Radius up to 3 to 5 Kilometers)


Now days we seem to feel that people are getting very busy in their daily life. Somehow the modernized trends of our living of standard stuck down the people on their daily activities or profession. So it is really very difficult to manage the time for some of our valuable as well as honorable patient who has not got enough time to attain themselves on particular place regarding diagnosis purposes.


We are here for them, like-Senior Citizens, Celebrity, Hotel Guest (Foreign or Local) Management Personnel whose are spending their busiest time in corporate arena and for disable or autistic people.


Here we will take the immediate action to send our Phlebotomist (sample collector) for your diagnosis sample collection purposes at your convenient place (living or work station) just on time based on your demand.


Therefore we fervently hope that you and your organization will appreciate this surprising step to avail the advantage to take care of your valuable healthy life for better living.              




"Our Moto is to serve the people.LifeCare Medical center is totally service related Diagnosis Medical center.we  care for you..."