Corporate Health – essentials & our concerns

It is observed commonly that competition has been getting sharper each day – meeting deadlines, setting new standards, ever increasing pressure to perform and to stay ahead in a rat race...these are the wants of today’s corporate world. We at LifeCare Medical Center has been witnessing regular incidence of corporate executives suffering from major ailments at much younger age. Much of these are avoidable by adapting healthy lifestyle practices. Lack of awareness about healthy lifestyles is the main stumbling block. As a responsible corporate citizen, we have been regularly conducting health services on partnership basis both within and outside corporate and irrespective of our location. Through the services we aim to impart preventive & clinical service to our partners, and tips that would go a long-way in preventing the often reported work-induced-ailments and maintain good health, so as to be able to enjoy the fruits of hard work. 

 01.    Corporate Health Check-up Packages:-

 a.             Pre-employment Health Check-up Packages:

 i)                    Cook or Food Handler

 ii)                   Driver’s Package

 iii)                 Health Check-up for General Staff

 iv)                 Health Check-up for Management Personnel

 v)                  Package for Security staff

 vi)                 Package for Field or Constructional worker

 vii)               Package for Industrial Worker


b.            Post-employment Health Check-up Package

c.             Annual Health Check-up Package

d.            Special Eye Check-up Package for Drivers/General Staff

e.            Oral & Dental Check-up Package

f.              ENT Test with hearing aid solutions

g.             Vaccination Packages

 i)        Hepatitis-B

 ii) Typhoid

 h.    Physiotherapy

 And many more...