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01.    General Packages:-

01)       Basic Health Check-up

02)       Executive Health Check-up

03)       Total Body Check-up

04)       Women Wellbeing Check-up

05)       Parents Wellbeing Check-up

 a)      Father

 b)      Mother

06)       Child Wellbeing Check-up

07)       Diabetic Check-up

08)       Pre-employment Health Check-up

09)       Healthy Heart-Cardiac Wellbeing Check-up

10)       Liver Function Check-up

11)       Kidney Function Check-up

12)       General Cancer Screening

13)       Domestic Helper

14)       Healthy Life Screening

 a)      Male

 b)      Female

15)       Pre Nuptial Health Check-up (Pre-Marriage Test)

 a)      Male

 b)      Female


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